Why this blog?

Hello! Welcome to my new blog!
So up until the end of last year (2015), I owned the grand total of two nail polishes - a reddy-brown Tesco's Barbara Daly one which I used on my toe nails, and a translucent nude-cream Maybelline one which I occasionally used on my finger nails. That's it.
I'm not sure quite how it came about (though no doubt Pinterest had its part to play), but in the past two months I have developed quite an Essie nail polish obsession. I'd never even heard of the Essie brand before, but as with any new hobby, I've become totally engrossed, and want to know all there is to know about it, and acquire all the necessities of the new hobby... in this case nearly 100 Essie nail polishes.
I simply love them! The chunky embossed glass bottles, the simple white lids, the excellent application in most cases, but mainly the heavenly colours. I am without doubt a colour addict... card stock, ink, fabric, Copic markers... and now Essie nail polishes. Not much brings me more pleasure than seeing lots of the same thing in a beautiful range of colours.
This year has been quite stressful in some ways because I am currently embarking on an On-Call Fire Fighter training course. It took me five months last year to progress through the recruitment process and get accepted onto the course. Browsing Pinterest for lovely new Essie colours, comparing swatches, and applying my own nail polish has been a wonderful and relaxing contrast to the physical and mental arduousness of the course. (And in return, my Fire Fighter pay packet has helped with my new hobby!)
Whilst comparing pictures on Pinterest, I often struggled to find good comparisons of Essie nail polishes, in order not to end up with a tonne of duplicates. That has partly been my motivation for this blog. I was always so grateful to bloggers for sharing their comparison swatches, plus I haven't done any photography for ages, and those beautiful little bottles of colour are just crying out to be photographed with my 50mm lens! I also just love looking at other people's Essie photographs, whether they are comparing colours or not. Little works of art. Yes - I have it bad!
So this new blog is just about about having fun with my Essie products... Essie Fun!

I haven't had chance yet to actually take any of the dreamy photos I'm imagining in my head, and the photo below is definitely NOT one of those, but it seems totally wrong to have a blog post with no photo, so here is a terrible snap from my Kindle of all things, to give you an idea of my Essie collection thus far...

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